Grant ID RP200593
Awarded On August 19, 2020
Title High-throughput Non-destructive Enumeration and Characterization of CTCs in Whole Blood By a Thin Film "Tactile" Microfluidics and Holographic Interferometry
Program Academic Research
Award Mechanism High Impact/High Risk
Institution/Organization Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi
Principal Investigator/Program Director Jian Sheng
Cancer Sites All Sites
Contracted Amount $247,703
Lay Summary

Circulating turmor cells (CTCs) are primary tumor cells shed into the circulatory system and ultimately develop into cancer cells in distant organs and regarded as crucial biomarkers. Early detection of CTCs in a patient's blood is the key to accurate prognosis and effective treatment monitoring. Current CTC detection techniques often require reliable cell surface biomarkers, which results in issues associate with all molecular-marker based methods, such as low efficacy, high cost, and time-consuming. Here, we propose a nanotechnology to identify CTCs in whole blood based on measuring the mechanical properties of CTCs with a "tactile" microfluidics. The proposed technology is based on the pr...

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