Grant ID RP190326
Awarded On February 21, 2019
Title Therapeutic Potential of T Follicular Helper Cells for Melanoma Treatment
Program Academic Research
Award Mechanism Individual Investigator
Institution/Organization The University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center
Principal Investigator/Program Director Roza Nurieva
Cancer Sites Melanoma
Contracted Amount $900,000
Lay Summary

Cancer is the number one cause of death worldwide and approximately 75% of skin cancer deaths are from melanoma. To date, adoptive T cell therapy is a promising approach to reactivate the patient’s own immune system to fight against tumors. While adoptive transfer of tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes enriched with cytotoxic CD8+ T cells (CTLs) have resulted in a 50% response rate in multiple phase II clinical trials in metastatic melanoma, CTL transfer alone does not improve clinical response suggesting an essential role of helper CD4+ T cells. There is increasing evidence on the potential function of a CD4+ T helper subset, named as T follicular helper (Tfh) cells in triggering anti-tumor acti...

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