Grant ID RP190192
Awarded On February 21, 2019
Title Pharmacological Targeting of the IRE1/XBP1 Pathway for Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Therapy
Program Academic Research
Award Mechanism Individual Investigator
Institution/Organization The University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center
Principal Investigator/Program Director Albert Koong
Cancer Sites Breast
Contracted Amount $900,000
Lay Summary

Amongst women in the United States, breast cancer is the most common cancer and the second leading cause of cancer-related deaths. Worldwide, it is the leading cause of cancer-related deaths among women. Triple-negative breast cancers (TNBCs), a well-defined subtype of breast cancer that lacks specific hormonal and membrane receptors, represent a particularly aggressive form of breast cancer. TNBCs, accounting for 10-24% of all breast cancers, grow rapidly and develop metastases affecting vital organs, resulting in poor overall survival. More effective therapeutic agents for TNBCs are critically needed. Recently, we and others identified that a pro-survival protein, XBP1, promotes the growth...

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