Grant ID RP190019
Awarded On February 21, 2019
Title Lymphatic Delivery of Checkpoint Blockade Inhibitors for More Effective Immunotherapy
Program Academic Research
Award Mechanism Individual Investigator
Institution/Organization The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston
Principal Investigator/Program Director Eva M Sevick
Cancer Sites Melanoma
Contracted Amount $900,000
Lay Summary

Tumor draining lymphatics and regional the lymph nodes play important roles in cancer metastases and cancer immunotherapies. In patients with locally advanced cancers, “naïve” T-cells within the tumor draining LNs are prevented from becoming “educated” to attack cancer by a series of “checkpoints”. Therapeutics to block these checkpoints are typically given intravenously -- which is an ineffective means to maximize drug in the tumor draining LNs. While effective, a dangerous side effect of these i.v. administered therapeutics is that the entire immune system can become overstimulated, attacking normal tissues as well as tumors. In fact, the immune-related adverse effects (irAEs) can be s...

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