Grant ID RP170508
Awarded On November 16, 2016
Title Structural modeling of peptide-HLA complexes presenting a melanoma-associated antigen for cross-reactivity assessment
Program Academic Research
Award Mechanism Individual Investigator Research Awards for Prevention and Early Detection
Institution/Organization Rice University
Principal Investigator/Program Director Lydia Kavraki
Cancer Sites Melanoma
Contracted Amount $900,000
Lay Summary

Immunotherapy has become one of the most active fields in cancer research, focusing on treatments that make use of properties of the immune system to specifically recognize and eliminate tumor cells. The so-called "killer" T-cell lymphocytes, a particular type of white blood cell, are of special interest in this context. These T-cells are naturally involved in the surveillance against diseased and infected cells. More specifically, a tumor cell will display at its surface certain tumor-derived peptides (i.e., fragments of proteins). In turn, these peptides will serve as molecular "flags" that can be recognized by the T-cells. This recognition triggers toxic mechanisms wi...

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