Grant ID PP160116
Awarded On August 17, 2016
Title Lone Star Community Health Center, Inc. 2016 See, Test & Treat Program
Program Prevention
Award Mechanism Evidence-Based Cancer Prevention Services - See, Test & Treat® Program
Institution/Organization Lone Star Community Health Center, Inc. dba Lone Star Family Health
Principal Investigator/Program Director Karen Harwell
Cancer Sites Breast, Cervix Uteri
Contracted Amount $23,602
Lay Summary

Uninsured and medically underserved females between the ages of 21 to 64 years old in Montgomery County, Texas are the target population for the See, Test & Treat (ST&T) program proposed by Lone Star Community Health Center, Inc. (LSCHC). According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Montgomery County has a 2014 estimated total population of 518,047 of which 262,068 are female.

The target population is defined as individuals with incomes below 200% of the Federal poverty Level. LSCHC’s patient population ethnicity is 36% White, 49% Hispanic, 4% African American, and 11% from other ethnic backgrounds. The uninsured rate in Montgomery County is 21%.

According to the American Cancer Society, near...

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