Grant ID DP140072
Awarded On August 20, 2014
Title OncoNano Medicine: Transforming Cancer Surgery by Tumor Illumination
Program Product Development Research
Award Mechanism New Company Product Development Award
Institution/Organization OncoNano Medicine
Principal Investigator/Program Director Baran Sumer
Cancer Sites Breast, Head and Neck, Melanoma, Skin
Contracted Amount $6,000,000
Lay Summary

OncoNano Medicine, a Dallas-based University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center (UTSWMC) spinout, is developing nanotechnology-enabled fluorescent probes to help a cancer surgeon excise tumors. Surgery is a major mode of cancer treatment with over 550,000 cancer resection procedures per year in the US.

A major challenge in these cancer surgeries is in differentiating tumors from healthy tissue. Incomplete tumor removal is a major concern in cancer surgery as the remaining tumor could regrow and metastasize to other organs. Conversely, excess and critical healthy tissue removal can have adverse effects such as the ability to swallow in head and neck surgery, or have severe cosmetic scarring...

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