Grant ID CP120038
Awarded On March 29, 2012
Title Formation of The Texas Cancer Therapeutics Process Development Lab
Program Product Development Research
Award Mechanism Company Formation
Institution/Organization Fujifilm Diosynth Biotechnologies Texas, LLC.
Principal Investigator/Program Director Gerry Farrell
Cancer Sites All Sites
Contracted Amount $7,901,420
Lay Summary

The development of cancer drugs in the future mandates innovation. Central to that innovation in Texas is the ability to advance drug discovery to clinical trial scale up. Texas’ preeminent cancer research institutes and biotech companies are often stymied in development of their discoveries due to the inability to scale up the drug for clinical trials and commercial launch. While renowned for its discoveries, Texas offers little manufacturing capability.

In 2009, the State, through the Emerging Technology Fund, sought to fill this need by funding The Texas A&M University System to construct The National Center for Therapeutics Manufacturing (NCTM), a multi-product, flexible-by-design drug ...

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