CPRIT announces a novel and collaborative programmatic approach aimed at the development of innovative technologies at Texas research institutions, which demonstrate great promise to impact the cancer burden in Texas and elsewhere.


The Early Translational Research Award (ETRA) by CPRIT’s Academic Research Program and the companion SEED Award mechanism by CPRIT’s Product Development program are being offered to fund the development of therapeutics, devices, or diagnostic assays designed to lessen the burden of cancer. The aim of these awards is to narrow the funding gap (sometimes referred to as the “valley of death”) for the preclinical development of oncology products and to address the need for involvement of business expertise early in the preclinical product development stages. The overall goal of these mechanisms is to create a pipeline of promising new cancer products developed by the Texas bioscience community and to advance successful technology commercialization and company development. The key difference between the ETRA and SEED Award is the eligibility by type of institution.


Academic Research – ETRA RFA Dates:

Posted: 8/17/18

Opens: 10/17/18

Closes: 1/30/19



Product Development – SEED Award RFA:

Posted: 5/17/18

Opens: 6/28/18

Closes: 8/8/18

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