Grant ID RP140258
Awarded On August 20, 2014
Title The Intersection Between Childhood Cancer and Congenital Anomalies: Identifying Novel Cancer Predisposition Syndromes
Program Academic Research
Award Mechanism Individual Investigator
Institution/Organization Baylor College of Medicine
Principal Investigator/Program Director Philip Lupo
Cancer Sites Childhood and Adolescent
Contracted Amount $874,964
Lay Summary

One of the strongest risk factors for childhood cancer is being born with a birth defect. This risk is present not only among children with major congenital malformations, but also among those with minor birth defects. In fact, more than 10% of childhood cancers may be attributed to having a birth defect. Exploring the intersection of birth defects and childhood cancer is likely to provide valuable insights into what causes cancer and may also provide information that can be used to improve screening strategies in cancer prevention clinics. As an estimated 7.9 million children worldwide are born with a congenital malformation each year, the public health implications of identifying why some ...

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